Top 10 or Free Review

I've been a client with since they started. In my opinion, an existing client is about the only accurate review you can get. has always lived up to what they say they will do. I've had tremendous top 10 results from their work, and I continue to send business in their direction. What I'd like to do is give you details of what I've learned over the years of working with them and details from my interview with the owner.

Before I begin, I would like to point out that the only reviews I have ever found to be negative about are from their competitors. By all indications, the competition seems to want to bad mouth a good company just to build up their own. If you run into companies like that, no matter what their product or service, I seriously recommend you stay as far away from them as you can.

So let me start by telling you that the parent company of is Secure Independence, They've been around since 1987, back in the days when the internet was just a baby. And when it comes time to search engine optimization, the Top 10 team seem to be the trend setters that other SEO companies try to follow.

Before I go over the facts about their services, I'd like to cover something that is not listed on their website - something you might want to know. I learned about this by speaking to the owner personally. has over 300 "test" websites that are used to constantly create new and innovative ways for their clients to stand out above the competition. When they come up with an idea, they test it on their own personal sites instead of jumping right in with clients' sites. To do testing on your own corporate sites is unheard of in the industry. Other companies are too afraid to do something like this because they're afraid they'll lose their rankings.

So why is Secure Independence confident enough to do this testing on their own sites, including Because they have so many resellers and satisfied customers sending them business, that they don't have to worry about their own rankings. They do this testing on their own sites to come up with the leading edge on SEO work. When the tests are proven, then, and only then, do they apply the new SEO work to their existing clients websites.

That leads me to the next question I asked the owner, Jerry Zalenski. Have any clients of ever been black listed by any search engines? The answer was no, but he didn't stop there. He continued to give me information that I found to be fascinating. It seems some of their test sites have been temporarily black listed, de-listed, removed, and low balled. Even the testing on has caused it to be removed at times from some of the search engines.

I was amazed that Jerry would share that type of information with me. Normally, a company would keep that confidential, but Jerry pointed out to me that he has nothing to hide. When does testing on new ideas or techniques that have never been done before, they take a risk that those sites will be removed from the search engines. But as Jerry explained, that's how you stay on the cutting edge of technology. You test, and test, and then test again.

Typically, SEO companies simply follow the guidelines of the search engines and never bother to look for additional ways to increase traffic. Why? Call it laziness, call it inexperience, call it being cheap. They probably figure why spend any time or money coming up with new ideas, when you can just follow along like everybody else and still collect money from your customers. Those same companies wonder why they can't get their clients ranked. I'm happy to say does all kinds of additional testing to make sure their customers have the edge over their competition.

Now let me go over the services that are listed on

They say that they link your website to over 30,000 sites. How do they do that? First of all, not only is Secure Independence an SEO company, but it is also a web site hosting company. So they have access to tens of thousands of websites throughout the world. When they link your site, they use inbound links, forward links, reverse links, direct links and web rings, to name a few. And they don't just slam in the links all at once, which could cause issues with some engines. They introduce the links through a specifically timed schedule that follows the search engine protocol.

The website says they build over 2,000 individual keyword dense pages to help your site get ranked. I asked Jerry if any of these pages are doorway pages, and he said, absolutely not. These are specially built pages that consist of content taken right off your website. It's content pertaining to your site that reflect the keyword phrases you've chosen. In addition, they also create variations of those pages to specifically meet the guidelines and rules of each of the major search engines. There's no cookie cutter software being used for this process. Proprietary software and customization are the key to this process, and it's done with the utmost precision.

In addition to the service, Secure Independence also offers a special, optional service to bring you more than 50,000 time scheduled inbound links. Again, because they're a hosting company and they have access to sites of people who want to participate in their linking program, customers have an "edge" over the competition that you can't get from any other SEO company out there.

Well, I've saved the very best information for last. I'm sure you're familiar with SEO companies that charge through the nose whether they produce any rankings for you or not. Well, that's not the case with Secure Independence. When you work with the SEO service, you don't pay them a penny until your site is ranked! No kidding. This is a sales feature you just can't beat. It's the reason the service is so easy to sell to my clients. Let's face it, it's hard to say NO to something that can help your business grow and doesn't cost you a penny until you see results. If this sounds good to you, you can get all the details at

I'm proud to say I'm a client of Secure Independence and I recommend them to anyone who is serious about topping the charts with high rankings in the search engines and especially guaranteed google first page rankings. I hope you've found this review helpful, and I hope you'll take a serious look at Secure Independence for web site design, web hosting service and most of all for search engine rankings.

Rich Morello, Nevada