Secure Independence Review

I've been with Secure Indpendence for years. And if you ask me, talking to or getting advice from a customer who has been with the company for a long time is a great way for a potential new customer to find out whether they want to work with a company or not. I'd like to tell you about the success I've had with the Top 10 service and give you examples of what I know for a fact because I've talked with the owner extensively and had all my questions answered.

Now I'm sure when you compare the prices of Secure Independence services to the prices of their competitors, and then compare what they do for that price, you won't find a company that can hold a candle to the Secure Independence service.

Like I said, I've had extensive conversations with the owner of Secure Independence and have found out that they have been in business since July 4 of 1987. At that time, the internet was just getting started. So the staff has been a part of the internet since it became the internet and because of that there are companies that follow what their staff does as sort of the "ones to follow" when it comes to search engine work.

Now let me give you a little inside information that was told to me directly from the owner. This is something nobody knows unless they're reading this review. Secure Independence does extensive testing of their SEO procedures before they implement the techniques into their customers' work. In fact, they have more than 300 websites they use to test out new ways to beat out competitors. So once they find a technique that gives even better results than ones they are currently using, they implement those techniques into their customers' accounts so that they become even more successful in bringing in new customers and more profits. I don't know another SEO company that does as much pre-testing using their own websites as Secure Indepedence, and that's just about one of the most impressive things I can say about them.

The amount of confidence this company has in its ability to get customers the top 10 rankings on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing is amazing. At the same time, let me tell you that Secure Independence has tons of happy resellers and customers who send them business all the time. This just goes to show you that all the testing they do pays off big time because people who use their service really do end up telling others about them. That's what you do when you like something, you spread the word. And that's the way Secure Independence gets a lot of its business, by happy customers and resellers spreading the word about them.

Now one of the questions I get from the people I refer is about Secure Independence getting black listed by the search engines for all the work they do. I asked the owner about this, and he gave me an answer that surprised me, but was so logical I couldn't argue with the technique. Remember I told you that they do all this testing? Well, it's those test sites that have been attacked by some of the search engines and some of them have actually been temporarily removed. Although that sounds bad, it's a very good thing. That means that the testing they do really works. It tells them what they can and can't do when it comes to being aggressive with SEO work for customers. And that's what makes them so valuable to you as a customer. You know they will watch out for you every step of the way and help you beat out your competition in the safest way possible.

If you think about it, it's pretty surprizing that the owner of a successful company would share that type of information because they want to keep their secrets a secret from everyone else, especially their competitors. But like Jerry (the owner) told me, no other company is willing to take the time to do all the testing that Secure Independence does, so it doesn't matter if he lets that information out. He's the only one who tests like that to protect his customers.

Here's something else that's pretty impressive about this company. Their staff is always looking for new ways to increase your traffic. They don't just follow the crowd, they're leaders in the industry who find groundbreaking new methods to bring in more traffic for their customers, and that translates to more profits in your pocket. They don't just sit back and watch the industry pass them by. They are proactively looking for innovative ways to make your business more successful. They want you to have the edge over your competition and they won't stop until they achieve that for all their customers.

So what does Secure Independence actually do for you? You can find a long list of features right on their website. And as the industry changes, they keep improving on their list of features and benefits.

As they are doing all these things, Secure Independence uses proprietary software written by their staff, so you know you're not in any cookie cutter situation that is the same as everyone else who is looking for the same customers you want. This is just part of what gives you the edge over your competition.

In addition to all the other things Secure Independence does to get you top rankings, they have one feature that nobody else has - their price. They do everything listed on their website plus a whole lot more for only 10¢ per page one ranking per month on Google with a maximum charge of $198 a month! And it doesn't matter how many Top 10 page one rankings you get, they only charge you for the first 1,980 rankings and all the rest of the thousands of rankings they get for you on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing are all free! I dare you to find another company that does this much for this low cost. Believe me, I've looked and there is no other company that does what Secure Independence does for the price they charge. And best of all, you don't pay for those rankings until your site is ranked. Where else can you go and not pay until the company does what it says it will do? Nowhere that I know.

So let me just say that I've been extremely happy with the service I've received from Secure Independence. I recommend them to all my clients who are serious about getting their websites on page one of Google, Yahoo, Bing and all the other search engines out there. If you're serious about having a successful website and taking business away from your competitors so you can bring in more profits, you need to take a serious look at Secure Independence and place an order right away.

Rich Morello, Nevada