free press releases - A free service to post and read press releases. This is a place to post press releases online for visitors to read your announcements, but also allows it to get to the news communities who may link to the press release you posted here for free.

sick of being screwed - Anyone can relate to this site. People that display bad business practices or plainly screwed you over in some kind of business transaction, you can spout about it here. This not only makes someone feel better to get it off their chest, but it will also help warn others of the business they should beware of or avoid.

all free recipes online - It's all in the name of this site. People can spread the wealth of their recipes, ones friends shared, etc, with the web community as a whole. It gives a virtual cookbook online and as more people add recipes, the more choices a visitor has to try a new recipe.

free classified ads - This classified ads site offers this service for free so you can post ads to sell your items.

free job posts - A free job posting and search site. Posty and find jobs at this Clicks Happens site.

post poetry online - Just what it says, post your poetry online. Request feedback, or keep it anonymous. Of course, you can simply come in and read poetry as well.