Internet Satire - A fun site that pokes fun at the common ills of the internet. This is a one page fictional site that is worth a look and a laugh.

USA Centric - The United States can be stranger than imagined with real places in the United States that offer some unusual or strange places to visit.

Tech Horror Stories - A site where visitors can add their own experiences, or read the hundreds of experiences already there of people that we have encountered who were ignorant of computers and said or did things that should not be done.

best email jokes - For those who do enjoy all the jokes in their email, now you can share them with others and have a database of your favorite jokes to share with friends or the world. If people keep posting the best jokes, it will keep it a fun place for visitors and friends to visit.

mistranslated signs - It is in the name, signs from around the world translated into English (and some in America not thought through) and what was intended to be informative just turned out to be plain funny.

funny absent notes - Actual absent notes submitted to teachers that were not thought through of how they were worded or showing that it is good the children that turned these notes in are not being home schooled.

star wars variants - Pictures and descriptions of the Revenge of the Sith figures and which of these toys were packaged out of the ordinary compared to their intended or more packaged counterpart.